Frequently Asked Questions

What do Guild members actually do?

Guild members attend workshops each week with their cohort (a group of four to eight classmates).

Three workshops each month feature various self-improvement topics such as Metalearning, Practical Social Networking, and Decision Making. These topics are chosen by community poll and each week has a different one.

The fourth workshop is always a Level Up Session. These are a chance to pause and reflect on your progress, your current state, and where you'd like to go from here. We've found that doing this as a regular activity helps prevent "lost purposes" where people find themselves pursuing goals that they no longer want. Level Up Sessions also provide an opportunity to reorient yourself towards new goals — life is always changing, and a decision made a month ago may no longer be relevant to your current affairs.

What is the Practitioner's Path?

The Practitioner's Path is the Guild's progression system (currently in beta). Level up by completing self-chosen self-improvement projects, unlocked advanced workshops (planned feature), and raise your authority within the Guild. For more information, see the Path introduction.

What's the typical time commitment for the Guild?

Three hours per week, split evenly among a cohort meeting, a class session, and an assignment. For more information, please see the A Week at the Guild section on the homepage.

How much does the Guild cost?

Full membership in the Guild is $15/month. We also offer a 30-day full-access free trial (no credit card required). For more details, see the pricing section on the homepage.

What's a cohort?

When you join the Guild, you'll be assigned to a permanent group of four to eight people (a cohort). Your cohort acts as a cross between a friend circle and a study group, and will be the people you interact the most with during your time at the Guild. Cohorts are meant to be self-governing, but Guild moderators are available to help resolve interpersonal conflicts or transfer people between cohorts, if necessary.

Does the Guild have in-person meetups?

No, but this is something we're interested in facilitating in the future. If you would like to host an in-person meetup, please contact us or DM Raven on Discord: Raven#8336.

How can I apply as an instructor?

DM Raven#8336 on Discord with a one-paragraph description of the workshop you want to run.

Question not answered? Email us at and a Community Manager will get in touch within 24 hours.