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What We Are

The Guild of the ROSE is an educational organization that provides a variety of workshop courses focused on self improvement. Courses are taught by members of the community, and anyone can apply to lead a course. Because of this peer-led structure, we often teach non-traditional topics such as Fashion 101, Character Sheet, or How to Spot a Con.

ROSE workshops also place a strong emphasis on community. Courses are typically taught to cohorts of six to eight, instead of the hundreds common in a college lecture hall. Lectures are also pre-recorded and students are expected to watch them beforehand — class time is used to discuss the lecture and work through exercises. Classes are not about rote memorization and Guild progression is not gated behind completing an arbitrary selection of them.

The use of external sources such as Google, StackOverflow, or Wikipedia is not only allowed but encouraged. Rationality is about effectiveness in real life, not an artificial scenario.

Interested? Check out our available courses.

The Guild Council

Alex Hedtke
Alex Hedtke

My name is Alex, but you can call me whatever you’d like. People have called me "a wizard trying to look like a muggle", "a rationalist shaman", "transhumanist scum", and many others.

I am here because I want to make the world a better place. I firmly believe that a combination of empathetic community and reliable epistemology is how we do that.

Love with your heart, use your head for everything else.

Errol Highberg
Errol Highberg

I have been a Dungeon Master most of my life, a Nuclear Electrician on a submarine for a few years, and a lifelong student of math, science, the humanities, and history.

As Guild Consul, I bring context and an eye for the logistics needed to achieve our goals. Ask me about non-Newtonian calculus or driving a submarine without a driver's license!

Matt Freeman
Course Design Director
Matt Freeman

I have a BS., MS., and Ph.D. in engineering, and experience in both academic research and commercial industry. I specialize in building computer models of physical systems. I live in Colorado with my three children.

David Youssef
Chief Saboteur
David Youssef

I have worn many metaphorical and literal hats throughout my life: radio DJ, actor, political activist, drug dealer, martial artist, pizza maker, bank teller, physics tutor, wizard, and real estate agent.

In my role as Chief Saboteur for the Guild of the ROSE, I use my wide variety of experiences and insatiable curiosity to help find orthogonal answers to unorthodox problems.

Community Manager

My name is Oscar Capraro, I am a student currently enrolled at Brightworks School for Applied Tinkering in San Francisco, and I am one of the Community Managers for The Guild of the Rose.

I have been a member of the rationalist community for the past couple of years, and I joined ROSE because I thought, and still think, that it can become a great way to spread the tenets of rationality to a wider audience.

Michael Devas
Community Manager
Michael Devas

Adults don't exist and everyone's faking it.

Once I realized that truism, I knew I had to find a way to gain competency, acquire useful skills, and learn as much as I can, forever.

I'm an Italian American chemist who lives in Italy, and I find rationality to be a useful tool to avoid getting overwhelmed by one's own emotions. Over the course of my life, I have improved, grown, and continually tried out new things, and I'm proud of that.

Gray Morrow
Gray Morrow

Pessimist by inclination, optimist by experience. Transhumanist because I love humanity too much to not want to improve it.


Johnny Alpha Participant
The Guild is a place for people who care about doing the best they can as well as they can. Not just doing what they think is right, but doing it in the best way they can find.
Stephen Zuber
Steven Zuber Alpha Participant
My favorite part was the team camaraderie. I felt like I was friends with the people in my cohort.
Jan Christian Refsgaard
Jan Christian Refsgaard Alpha Participant
I came for the classes and stayed for the community.

Join the Guild

Are you:

  • looking for a community of pragmatic people interested in improving their lives?
  • tired of holding back and conforming to expectations?
  • interested in becoming stronger?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then send us a message and a Guild representative will reach out to you. We currently accept 100% of applicants. Note that you will still need to finalize your membership by purchasing a subscription (details below).

Not sure if ROSE is right for you? Read more about the the alpha phase or check out the courses we offer.

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