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Feeling Rational
Instructor: Alex Hedtke
Despite popular conception, reason and emotion are not opposed. They are allies — your emotions are a powerful tool that your logical brain should leverage as much as possible. This workshop will help you practice feeling and acknowledging emotions from strong to subtle. This workshop has pre-workshop reading. Please remember to read the articles before the workshop session.
Felt Sense Introspection
Instructor: Matt Freeman
Felt Sense Introspection, popularly known as "Focusing," is a powerful technique for understanding, articulating, and sometimes resolving your own feelings.
Instructor: Matt Freeman
We cannot hope to navigate complex decisions unless we first understand how to correctly analyze an event, and to have reasonably well-calibrated expectations about the future.
Giving Effective Compliments
Instructor: Olivia
This workshop is a brief introduction to using Nonviolent Communication to express gratitude and craft effective compliments.
How to Be Fun at Parties
Instructor: David Youssef
Partying seems like it should be one of the easiest things for people to do but time and time again, we see that it is actually a great source of anxiety. Despite that, most of us have a deep need for social connection.
How to Teach Anyone Anything
Instructor: Matt Freeman
Teaching people useful information and skills is deeply rewarding and valuable for its own sake. In this workshop you will learn to put together a Guild of the ROSE workshop quickly and effectively.
Internal Double Crux
Instructor: Alex Hedtke
Internal Double Crux helps you understand and resolve internal conflicts by exploring the different parts of yourself. This workshop incorporates techniques from psychology and philosophy to help participants identify and work through conflicts in a collaborative, respectful way.
Level Up Session
Instructor: Alex Hedtke
The Character Sheet is a framework for prioritizing and tackling issues in one's life. This workshop will teach you to create one, or help you review and renew an existing one.
Molochian Systems
Instructor: David Youssef, Matt Freeman
Many of the problems with systems and institutions we encounter in daily life can be traced to breakdowns in the system not attributable to any particular person or any single mistake. Rather, the true problem can only be understood at a systems level. We refer to this class of problems as Molochian, in reference to Scott Alexander's classic Meditations on Moloch.
Moneybending 101
Instructor: Florian
Money is this mysterious and elusive force that governs most of our lives. In this workshop we’ll get into the heads of those evil, evil capitalists and learn their secret art of moneybending.