Introducing Mnosis

Introducing Mnosis

The Guild of the ROSE is proud to announce the beta launch of a new self-improvement tool: Mnosis.

mne-, root. Mind, memory.

Gnosis. Knowledge.

What is Mnosis? In a nutshell -- a magic deck of flashcards. Think of it as Anki for predefined subjects. Instead of manually creating a deck of cards by hand, Mnosis comes preloaded with all the cards needed to train your skills in a particular area.

As you click through cards, Mnosis adjusts itself to fit your mental profile. Mnosis is designed to use your time optimally, showing you the exact card you need to see to advance your mastery without boring or overwhelming you. It also tracks a complex web of dependencies between cards. If you get one card wrong, Mnosis will show you cards covering related concepts. This mimics the process of real learning, where a student comes at a topic from multiple angles until they understand it.

Mnosis currently has the following modules:

  • Math. Master mental arithmetic from 1+1=2 through 254*29=7336
  • Organic Chemistry. Effortlessly translate the IUPAC names for organic molecules and ace the OChem college weed-out courses.
  • Chemistry. Memorize the atomic symbols and numbers.
  • Probability. Master the basic definitions and concepts of probability theory.

The long-term goal of Mnosis is to solve learning, reducing mastery of complex subjects to a simple (for the user) process. As a result, the underlying algorithms undergo constant improvement and each module is continually tweaked and extended.

Additional Modules

A fifth module -- music -- is on the roadmap. Stay tuned for more information.

Mnosis was designed from the ground up to be highly extensible. New modules are easy to create. If you would like to see a specific module added to Mnosis, contact Matt Freeman: moridinamael#1693 on Discord.


Mnosis is currently available with a free Guild account. After registering, you'll be able to access the Mnosis page.

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