The Future of Structured Self Improvement

Two years ago, we founded the Guild to provide structure and community for people interested in self improvement. Since then, we've grown from a three-month Alpha project to a year-round workshop host.

If you've been in our Discord server, you've probably seen regular announcements about people leveling up on the Practitioner's Path, our RPG-inspired self improvement framework. You might even have heard rumors that we've been working on a new version of the Path.

Practitioner's Path 2.0

The Practitioner's Path 2.0 overhauls every aspect of the Path system, from Bugs to the Character Sheet to levels. The new system is split into three parts: Attributes, Tasks, and Skills. Together, these make up your Character Sheet.


Attributes measure long-term metrics such as:

  • Net Worth (how much money you have)
  • Reach (how many people you can influence)
  • Stamina (the efficiency of your cardiovascular system)

The Attributes section of the Character Sheet gives a sense of long-term progress on tangible metrics. Of course, not everything can be tracked as a metric, which is where Skills and Tasks come in.


A Task is something that you want to do or achieve. Tasks can be nested inside each other, representing the way that a complex goal can be split into smaller goals.

For example, the Task of "Learn how to program" could be broken into the subtasks of "Decide what language I want to learn" and "Find a tutorial on the language". This nesting system allow you to break down complex goals into easily-achievable chunks.


The core of the new Path system is the Skilltree. Skills provide a structured approach to self-improvement and a sense of progression as you acquire them. Each skill has a certain amount of XP, allowing you to track your progress on a granular and broad level.


Skills in the Path are organized into three main categories: Pragmatist, Meditative, and Empiricist. Acquiring a Skill will only level up its category — so you can be a high-level Pragmatist but a low-level Empiricist. This division allows you to specialize in a given tree and pursue the Skills that you find most interesting and rewarding.

  • Pragmatist (red): Take direct action, make money, and expand your social network.
  • Meditative (green): Make art, improve your mental and physical health, and build a community.
  • Empiricist (blue): Learn new things, teach others, run experiments, and think clearly.

The Path 2.0 launches in early March, and we'll be sharing more details about how it works in the weeks leading up to release.

In the meantime, which tree do you resonate most with? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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