Class Session Agenda

To be used for every single weekly class session. Content creators should plan their material around this structure, and class leaders should enforce it.

The first 5 minutes of class should be recapping the current material. This gives everyone a useful refresher and also provides some time for stragglers to join without completely wasting the time of our punctual attendees. Alternatively, an engaging (but relevant) activity can be performed, as determined by the content creator or class leader.

The next 10 minutes should be an open forum on the current material, clarifying any questions or issues with performing the assignment contained within the material.

The next 30 minutes consists of Cohort breakout sessions. It is imperative that they have sufficient content to discuss (or preferably, an activity to do). However much content the course creator thinks will fill up 30 minutes, they should allot an additional 50% optional material, as many Cohorts are either extremely efficient, or simply run out of things to do.

The final 15 minutes consist of bringing everyone back into the main room. Each Cohort Facilitator is given 2 minutes to recap what their Cohort discussed/did; any difficulties they had, or any interesting insights they discovered. They will likely go over the 2 minute limit, which is why we allot 15 minutes to this final portion.

Once class is formally over, attendees are invited to stay and provide feedback on the class and the Guild as a whole.