Crom's Barbarians

Success comes only when the ground shakes in response.

In the Conanverse, Crom is the grim and gloomy god of the Cimmerians. He gives his people the power to strive and slay, and the courage to go on, survive, and vanquish adversity. Beyond that, he considers any pleas and prayers insulting. The only way to show devotion to Crom is through action. This group upholds the spirit of Crom, by helping its members identify their priorities, and achieve their goals.

In this spirit, members will discuss how to identify priorities, work towards them, and overcome any and all internal and external crosswinds keeping them from becoming the most formidable possible versions of themselves. Theory and abstractions have their place, that place isn't here. The group is focused only on identifying and achieving specific, substantial accomplishments - on facing up to real challenges and overcoming them.

You can only trust the skills and relationships you gain through hardship. The only way to show devotion to Crom is through action. With this group, you will take the first step on the road to doing what is right: doing anything at all.