Decision Theorists

Dedicated to mastering and advancing the Art of Decision-Making.

This is an interest group dedicated to mastering and advancing the Art of Decision-Making.

Being good at making decisions requires mastery of three skillsets:

  1. Possessing the self-knowledge and honesty to deeply understand your own preferences and needs.
  2. Mastery of the conceptual and mathematical tools of abstract decision theory, so that we may make quick decisions and take action.
  3. Possessing the world-knowledge to accurately anticipate the likelihoods of future events

Our Activities

In this group we will master and evolve each of these three aspects of the Art through the following activities:

  • Monthly Decision-Making workshops, in which we will practice deconstructing decision problems in our own lives, coming to master and internalize (1) and (2).
  • Occasional participation in forecasting tournaments to sharpen our skills at (3).

Our Goal

Decision-making sits at the intersection between Epistemic and Instrumental Rationality. It is the skillset required to choose the appropriate action in response to information. Practical, real-life decision-making is an underdeveloped art form. Members of this group will not only master the existing tools, but develop new ones collaboratively, and teach each other to become better decision-makers.