Poker Club

Collective development of poker skills for the purpose of fun, profit, and stress-testing our rationality skills.

Poker is a fun and potentially profitable game. Games provide microcosms in which we can stress-test our rationality skills. Poker in particular lends itself to this purpose: Not only are the rules easy to learn, but the core game loop consists of managing probabilities and making properly sized bets. Applied decision theory is the core skill here, with a dash of game theory and social deduction.

In addition to all of this, we can use the game of poker to stress-test our meta skills, as in, how quickly can we converge to optimal poker play? How quickly can we converge to optimal poker skill convergence? The poker club intends to go as meta as is useful, as these meta skills can be transferred to any other skill set, once developed.

The poker club is an experiment to see how quickly we rationalists can actually win, starting from a blank slate. There are no requirements to join. There is no minimum participation. Any group rules will be developed in the group.

See you at the table.