Level Up Session 2.0

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You should have a Guild account and a Character Sheet before starting this workshop. In addition, reading the Path Introduction is recommended but not required.

Skilltree Review [10 minutes]

Open your Skilltree.

Level Up [5 minutes]

Are there any available Skills that you've completed but not acquired? If so, take a few minutes to request those Skills and make your progress official. You deserve to have your achievements honored, no matter their size.

Reorient [5 minutes]

Look around the edges of your acquired Skills. What Skills are available but unacquired? What would you like to work on next? Try to narrow it down to the top three Skills you're most interested in.

Not sure what Skill to work on? Here's some recommendations:

  • [Pragmatist] Unseen Chances helps you notice issues in your life that you'd like to fix
  • [Meditative] Endurance guides you through the process of improving your physical endurance
  • [Empiricist] Reading teaches you to read deeply and resynthesize the knowledge you consume

Mastermind [40 minutes]

The steps below should be completed for one person at a time. That is, you should fully discuss a single person's problem before the next person states theirs.

Each member of the cohort, choose a Skill that you want to acquire or a complex problem in your life that you'd like to fix. This can be the Skill from the Reorient step above or another Skill.

Set a timer for five minutes. Spend that time discussing the problem as a cohort, without proposing any solutions. The goal is to get an accurate map of the problem without anchoring yourself on a potentially ineffective solution.

Once the time is up, discuss solutions to that person's problem. Try to find a way to make it so the natural course of action is for the member to acquire their Skill — for example, avoid solutions of the form "try harder".

If you helped someone acquire a Skill that you've already acquired, you might be able to acquire the relevant Archetype's Mentor Skill. If it's available for you, take a minute to request it now!

If you haven't unlocked the relevant Mentor Skill, don't worry. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future to acquire it.

Break [10 minutes]

Take a ten-minute break.

Coworking [30 minutes]

Spend the next half hour working on the Skills you chose in the Reorient step above. If the Skill lends itself to group work (such as Street Epistemology) and there's another person in your cohort who wants to pair off with you, feel free to do so. Otherwise, work as individuals.

If you're stuck on a Skill, try to break it down into discrete steps. What is the smallest next action you could take to make progress on the Skill?

If you're still having trouble, consider using the Resolve Cycle technique.

At the end of the 30 minutes, if you completed any new Skills, go ahead and request them.

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