Moneybending 101

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Disregard superstimuli, accumulate capital.

— Warren Buffet, probably

Money is this mysterious and elusive force that governs most of our lives. In this workshop we’ll get into the heads of those evil, evil capitalists and learn their secret art of moneybending.

Or the basics of it, that is. Let’s get into it.

Instructional Material

Pre-Meeting Assignment

Do the three exercises from The Wealth Mindset:

Cash Flow Mapping

Set a timer for five minutes and roughly map out your own current cash flow.

Wealth Flow Mapping

Map out your monthly wealth flow as a list of transactions. You won’t be able to properly quantify most of them, so don’t. Just write them down. Don’t spend more than 10 minutes into this.

Set Goals

Define SMART goals for decreasing your consumption and increasing your investments. Remember, monetary transactions aren't the only kind — a transaction can include time, trust, reputation, knowledge, or other forms of wealth.

Cohort Activity

  1. [30 minutes] Taking turns, each person shares their current situation and their SMART goals. The others provide feedback and brainstorm more concrete options for your next steps to wealth.
  2. [10 minutes] Collectively, brainstorm skills and activities that would help you all accumulate more wealth.

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