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Before our class session, please review the material below for an overview of the subject matter we will be discussing.


The information presented here is taken directly from experts, who have rigorously tested these claims in a variety of real world settings. While there are many things that are up for debate in the realm of nutrition, we have endeavored to include only the information that is endorsed by people whose way of thinking we trust.

Objectives Overview

  • To assess our current nutrition, and fix the highest-impact issues
  • For everyone in the Guild to be aware of their calorie/macro intake and the correlation with their mood, thereby improving their intuition on nutrition.

Instructional Material

The first four videos in this playlist: Healthy Eating Made Simple

Supplemental Material (optional):

Pre-class project:

  • Count your calories and macros for 7 days.
    • Using a scale is ideal, but you can also use this PDF as reference, or a free food tracking app such as Bitesnap.
    • Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good; accept whatever margin of error is necessary to just get to measuring.
  • Log your subjective mood at the end of each day on a scale of 1-5.

Bonus Pre-class project (optional):

Class activities

  1. Share with your cohort your calorie/macro tracking results (in particular, look at the days you most highly rated your mood), and help each other set 1 goal for the next week to improve the quality of your nutrition according to the advice in the above youtube videos.

  2. If you complete the prior activity and still have time to spare, think of ways the Guild can help everyone with their nutrition. (eg Are there tools that could be created that don’t already exist? Should we schedule periodic check-ins? How can we otherwise prioritize this as a community?)

Community Notes

This section contains links and information that Guildmembers found helpful.

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