Practical Social Networking

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This workshop will teach you the mechanics of social networks, how to build them, and the rich value that they bring to your lives. More importantly, this workshop will help you find people that you care enough about to spend your time and effort helping.

Instructional Material

Note. If you've taken this workshop before, you don't need to view the material below again.

Pre-Meeting Assignment

  • Map your social network and label each kind of friendship. Use social media to help! Consider using a flowchart tool such as

Cohort Activity

Talk about what was revealed in your social network by the Pre-Meeting Assignment. What layer of friendships are you bottlenecked by?

If you've taken the workshop before, what issues have you faced working on your social network? Have your bottlenecks changed since the first time you took the workshop?

Example. If you have acquaintances but no close friends, this indicates a bottleneck in the phase of casual friendship.

Example. If you have close, fulfilling relationships but few or no casual friends, this indicates a bottleneck in meeting people to become acquaintances with.

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