Quest Planning

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Introduction [10 minutes]

Today's objective is all about planning. You'll select a quest, delve deep into its goal and potential challenges, and devise three potential paths towards its completion. This workshop is about strategizing and mapping out your journey, not yet about implementing the solutions.

Everyone, review the Quest Proposals and think about which ones you would like to accomplish with your cohort.

Quest Selection [15 minutes]

It's decision time. As a cohort, you'll need to agree on which quest you want to take on. Consider everyone's skills and interests and ensure everyone is on board with the choice.

Choose a project leader for the duration of the quest. Project leader, make a copy of the Quest Outline and share access with your cohort. Record the quest idea and the other information from the quest board there.

Goal and Problem Exploration [20 minutes]

Now, let's get to know your quest. This step is about understanding, not yet about finding solutions. Keep your focus on defining the challenge before you.

What's the end goal? Phrase it as simply as possible. What hurdles might stand in your way?

Break [5 minutes]

Time to rest your minds briefly before you embark on the next stage of your quest.

Potential Paths and Goals [30 minutes]

This is where you start mapping out your journey. As a cohort, sketch out two or three potential paths that could lead you to your quest's completion. Each path should have a set of SMART goals. This approach ensures that your progress can be tracked and that your goals are realistic.

Outline the paths and write down your SMART goals.

Reference to Previous Classes [10 minutes]

Remember what you learned in our Decision Theory, Metalearning, or Murphyjitsu classes? Now's the time to put that knowledge into practice. Reflect on those lessons and consider how they can help you choose and improve the best path from the ones you've outlined.

Choose one of these approaches, or another planning methodology. Before the next workshop (possibly during your cohort meeting), apply this approach to the quest idea and share your findings. Cohort leader, post a link to the quest outline in your cohort channel.

Conclusion and Next Steps [5 minutes]

As the workshop draws to a close, take some time to summarize what you've achieved today. Your next step is to improve the plans before the next workshop, where you'll finalize your plan and get to work on your exciting Quest! Make sure to keep in touch with your cohort throughout the week and get those ideas flowing!

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