Week 5: Stakes

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David Youssef

Before our class session, please watch the video below for an overview of the subject matter we will be discussing, and familiarize yourself with the background materials linked below.

Reading Material



This weeks lesson is about setting stakes and encoding our information and skills.

  • Find one memory technique in the material above and practice using that encoding technique on your relevant skill
  • During your week try and determine a route or building you can use for future skill encoding. Practice by trying to memorize serial numbers on products


For your discussion this week go around your cohort and generate a reasonable stake or goal to help them stay motivated! Remember to calibrate to each persons comfort level. Somone may need a marathon to motivate fitness while simply being able to walk with their kids every weekend is stakes enough for another person.

After you have generated your stakes hold each other accountable and take the steps to make sure you can't go back!


Integrating new information with old knowledge

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