Week 3: Casual Exploration

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Practical Social Networking
David Youssef

Before our class session, please watch the video below for an overview of the subject matter we will be discussing, and familiarize yourself with the background materials linked below.

Reading Material



  • While at your new activity, try and strike up 3 short interactions with the goal of leaving the other person happier
  • Take 1 acquaintance you have ( could be one from before this class) and invite them to a 1-on-1 hang out.
  • Continue your 3 compliments a day!


Discuss what event you could invite the people you are curious about to partake in with you? Coffee? Art Museum? MMA Fight? Laundry? It's not the experience itself that matters but more how conducive is that environment to getting you and the other person to open up


Try and discover 1 interesting thing about a stranger this week through small talk


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