Week 2: Acquaintance and Curiosity

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Practical Social Networking
David Youssef

Before our class session, please watch the video below for an overview of the subject matter we will be discussing, and familiarize yourself with the background materials linked below.

Reading Material



  • Continue offering 3 sincere compliments to strangers daily. Use these as opportunities to practice your small talk.
  • Sign up for at least 1 activity or scout 1 new location you can frequent 2+ times a week from the 3 you chose from the first article above. If you are forced to stay inside, ask yourself what online communities you can join that have regular meetings that you are passionate about.
  • Write down what you have to offer as a friend and acquaintance in 3 sentences or less. ○ It's amazing how powerful it is to just tell people who you are. In the words of Kanye,“If you aren’t your first fan, how can you ask anyone else to be your fan?”
  • Make a list of places that you can take acquaintances to for lunch/ coffee/ a drink/ dinner/ brunch- someplace for short interactions in a public space


Within your cohort discuss the other 2 possible venues you have chosen from the article above or any other activities/locations you can frequent to increase the number of people you are exposed to, why you chose them, and how you could find those in your local community.


While at your new activity or location look for at least 3 regulars you are curious about (only one can be an employee there)


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