Week 4: True Names

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Quantified Self Assessment
Alex Hedtke

Before our class session, please watch the video below for an overview of the subject matter we will be discussing, and familiarize yourself with the background materials linked below.

This week, our goal is to turn our Bug List into the promised Feature List, the final form of our Character Sheet.



  • Create a name for your future or, alternatively, do the core values activity listed above in the Supplemental Materials section.
  • Restate your Bugs as Features in the present tense.
  • Assign each Feature a number from 1-5 for both Impact and Solvability, and use the product of those numbers for each Feature to determine the priority of that Feature.



  • Try to keep discussions on topic.
  • When leading a discussion, tap individuals to speak rather than waiting for someone to jump in first.
  • Over the course of the session, try to vary who speaks first.

This week

Prepare to share both the name you chose for your future, and what your cohort discussed or did during your cohort meetings since the last class.


  • Use Murphyjitsu Template as a generic tool to begin actually making progress on your Character Sheet, if you don’t want to wait for our domain-specific classes. I recommend starting with your top 3 priority Features.


  • Character Sheet template is a spreadsheet that will auto-sort your bugs according to the product of Impact and Solvability. Create a copy in order to use it.
  • If you have difficulty with, or objections to, making a name for your future, try doing this core values activity. This will fulfill many of the same functions of the Character Name activity, specifically it will serve as a “guiding star” for your future.

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