How to Teach Anyone Anything

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Before the workshop meeting, please watch the videos and background materials linked below, and complete the homework assignments.

In this workshop you will learn to quickly put together an effective Guild of the ROSE workshop. Teaching people useful information and skills is deeply rewarding, and valuable for its own sake. Also, if we all learn to prepare courses, then there will be a fantastic variety of courses going forward, fostering a more collaborative and interconnected dynamic within the Guild.



Brainstorm an idea for a single-session workshop that you could potentially put together for your Guildmates. Following the principles in the How to Teach Yourself Anything video, create your own workshop landing page based on the Workshop Template). Be prepared to share your course landing page with the class. Don't worry too much about whether the subject suits the Guild, it's more important that the subject is something you're passionate about.

Example. You can use this landing page as an example. Note that there are differences from the Workshop Template. Feel free to make changes as you see fit — the Template is a guideline, not an unbreakable law.


  • [15 minutes] Each student shares their workshop landing page with the cohort. The cohort provides feedback and helps make sure the learning objective is clear.
  • [15 minutes] Discuss the How to Teach Things Well article. Do you disagree with any of its assertions?


As a cohort, come up with a short list of workshop ideas that you would be interested in teaching. Be prepared to share the list after regrouping in general chat.

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